UK company phone numbers are easier to find online

Many people can more easily find obscure phone numbers for many of the most popular UK companies thanks to the online phone numbers resource

For many people, finding the right phone number for the right department of the right company can be nothing short of a nightmare. Finding such a number can, for example, often involve hours or even days of hunting – and even using that supposedly great resource, the Internet, can leave people embarking on such hunting feeling lost. However, there is one particular online resource – to be precise, the website of – that can banish the pains of such people, as it contains many numbers for many departments of many of the UK’s best known companies.

These companies are from a great variety of sectors and include Apple, O2, Vodafone, Aviva, T-Mobile, Admiral, the Child Support Agency and, indeed, many more. Indeed, the website includes a directory which boasts literally thousands of phone numbers and one of the fastest growth rates of online directories of UK company phone numbers. However, there are certainly more reasons than these why can be relied upon by many people.

Much time, effort and money can be saved thanks to can save many people not only time and effort, but also, perhaps surprisingly for many people, money. This is because the website does not use expensive SMS text messages to tell people the phone numbers that they need and instead redirects people at low costs from a mere 10 pence a minute from land lines; costs may be higher from mobile phones.

A ‘’ spokesperson stated: “Though we are not associated or affiliated with any of the companies featured on the website, our impressive directory includes phone numbers for many of the UK’s top brand companies, including The AA, Apple, British Gas, Dominos, DVLA and Ikea. We eagerly anticipate many more people benefitting from phone numbers in the directory on the website.”

If the next few years see many more people struggling to find the right phone numbers for the right departments of the right UK companies turn to the World Wide Web (WWW) to attempt to banish their woes, then the website could see great rises in its visitor numbers.

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