Number Plate Translator – the iPhone app which translates words into number plates

Smashing Plates Ltd have launched the first and only iPhone app which translates words into actual UK numberplate combinations. NOW FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!

If you’ve ever tried to spell your name in a number plate and you’ve not really been sure where to start? – This app is the ideal solution.

Most people who want a personalised number plate are unsure of how to “spell” their name or the desired word.

The app, currently free for a limited time on the appstore can translate any word from 2 – 7 letters in length and “translate” this into actual number plate combinations.

From there it searches some of the number plate dealers to see if any of the combinations are available for sale.

It was described by Quentin Wilson in the mirror as “It puts the wonderful world of autonumerology at your fingertips”

Main features:

✔ Translate words into actual number plate combinations

✔ Searches the leading number plate websites to see if the plate if available for sale

✔ The first and only way to translate any word into number plate combinations

✔ No number plate knowledge required

About Smashing Plates Ltd

Founded in 2006, Smashing Plates has continually brought new innovation to the number plate market in the UK.
Since the launch of the first numberplate classifieds website ( to the number plate translator and beyond- the company’s mission is to make number plates more fun, accessible and understood than they are today.


Smashing Plates Ltd


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