Set sail on a real pirate adventure!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to escape from the toils of work or school and set off on a worldly adventure with the buccaneering swagger of Captain Jack Sparrow? Well now that dream can become a reality thanks to the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) Pirate Storm!

Playable for free online at, this incredibly popular browser game, which already has almost half a million players, allows players to bring out their inner pirate as they fight their way across the oceans, unlocking new customisable elements for their ships with every level as they explore the vast game world in search of treasure and glory.

As with all MMORPGs, an integral part of Pirate Storm is the social interaction aspect of the game. All players have access to buddy lists, guilds and a group system, not only allowing them to merrily chat away as they plunder but also to play the game in groups; when faced by a giant octopus or a rival fleet, where would a pirate be without his hearties? Even as a brave, buccaneering adventurer of the high seas, it always helps to have some mates to get you out of those tricky situations!

Tied in with the ‘massively multiplayer’ component of the gameplay is the PvP (player-vs-player) element of Pirate Storm. Apart from having to overcome a variety of challenging computer-controlled sea-monsters, from giant octopuses to over-sized lobsters, players also have to keep an eye out for each other. This adds a wonderful strategy and an unpredictable feel to the game, having spotted a fellow adventurer through the telescope should a player then risk engaging them to gather loot or should a friendly pact be made to ward off greater threats to come? Decisions, decisions!

Available across multiple platforms, including iPads and most smart-phones, Pirate Storm will transform any mundane commute into an action-packed, sea-faring adventure! The guy sitting opposite playing on his phone doesn’t look angry because he paid through his teeth for a train ticket, he’s annoyed because you just sunk his ship and took all his gold!

Pirate Storm is already playable online for free so join in the fun today!

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