Dublin Mobile Locksmiths provide 24/7 service, and 100% peace of mind

There is no worse feeling than realizing that your keys are now on the wrong side of a locked door. It is a horrible, helpless feeling and yet sooner or later will happen to all of us.

Whether we locked the keys inside our car or house and don’t have a spare available, or if you lost your keys while on a family day or at work, one thing is sure. If you are locked out, it’s not going to do your day any good.

But there is a quick, reasonably priced alternative to losing your cool – call 24/7 Dublin Mobile Locksmiths. We offer an array of automotive, residential and business services, including replacement of car keys. No matter what your situation, if you are locked out we can help.

We service Dublin as well as the surrounding area, and all of our work carries a full 90 day warranty. We use only the best equipment, whether it is replacing locksets in your family’s home or replacing your car key, all of our supplies are top of the line products that are made to last.

Our employees are also chosen for their skill at this exacting trade as well as their compete honesty and their dedication to customer satisfaction. All of our work is insured and licensed and it all has a 90 day warranty. We pride ourselves on our quality work delivered in an efficient and affordable manner.

If you have specialized requirements due to security concerns we can adhere to all security protocols that you may have in place. We specialize in many commercial security areas, and can supply turn-key services for many different aspects of your security system, not just replacing your lock fixtures or re-keying your locks.

We also install intercom systems, exit devices and panic bars, access control card locks and safe repair. No matter what your needs, from high security locks to duplicate keys, we have the best Locksmiths Dublin has to offer.

Dublin Mobile Locksmiths also offers a full complement of services for residential homes. For a top rated locksmith Dublin is within easy reach of our professionals. We have highly qualified people available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more intensive jobs, such as repairing a safe, adding a keyless entry to a home, or adding high security locks for a growing business we can offer a free estimate in clear, easy language that will spell out step by step what we can do to fix your security problem.

Locks are the from line in security – they can protect you, or hinder you if you have lost your key or if the locks break or freezes. We offer all major brands in car key replacement, and charge much less for these than the dealerships can charge. We can come to your location, often within 30 minutes or your call and cut a new key for you.

Don’t let the inevitable lost or locked up key ruin your day or night – when it happens, just remember us – 24/7 Dublin Mobile Locksmiths – and let us provide the key to your peace of mind.

For more information please visit – http://locksmithsdublin247.ie/

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