SA Health Insurance Site Adds Article Section to Educate Users

A South African health insurance website adds an article section to inform people about different hospital plans and medical aid schemes. makes it even easier for people to make decisions about health care and save money in the long run.

The newly-introduced article section is designed to help ensure that South African individuals and families know about the choices available to them and don’t immediately go for the cheapest hospital plans.

The articles outline the differences between hospital and medical aid schemes in general and also go into detail about the medical plans available to them.

In South Africa, the general public is often not informed about the health insurance options available to them. They often choose hospital plans without understanding their costs and benefits. Going for the cheapest health insurance options means that many South African people don’t have access to certain types of care. The website educates them about different plans that will provide them with money-back options when they go to the hospital. is a simple-to-use website with articles that are easy to understand. Every piece within the new article section was written with the average South African consumer in mind. This means that the articles aren’t filled with hard-to-understand medical jargon but instead break down cash-back health insurance plans with language they can comprehend.

The informative articles don’t try to sway South African individuals in one way or another but instead lay out their options for them so that they are able to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.

Get Hospital Plans provides information about the services and costs associated with available hospital and medical aid plans in South Africa. It outlines how when people sign up for certain plans, they can get R5000 in cash for hospital stays or R450000 for claims made up to 90 days after a hospital stay.

On the website, they can fill out an online form to get free quotes on health insurance plans. Once they fill out the online form, trained insurance agents from call them back to provide them information about insurance quotes and answer any questions that they may have. South African people are under no obligation to purchase plans when they receive free quotes.

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