Urban Gifts Announces Unusual Gifts To Match Any Party Theme

Urban Gifts announces the most unusual and unique gifts to match up the quirky and outlandish party theme. Some of the names of the gifts will give enough reasons of surprises that include ninja coat hook, morph bookends, desktop ping pong, frozen smiles, medium picture pockets and much more.

The list is an endless one with names that have bizarre hints to them that would confuse the minds. Out of the box, the unusual gifts are blend of different ideas to add spark to the mood of the person whom it is being gifted.

The idea is to match up with party themes so that the party monger does not fall out of ideas when it comes to wooing his or her friend with something unusual.

Unusual and unique gifts are useful and handy. It’s not that the tag’ unusual’ brings a baffling idea to the buyer. He or she will find the conventional ideas of different gifts in unusual themes, taste and looks. The few instances of the unusual gifts will give some idea of the same.

The soldier egg cup along with the toast cutter is a combination of weird looking toast standings where you get to place the toast, the egg and so on; as if the whole look emotes an army battle ground. The medium picture pocket is another example, which is a reflection of photo frames set together. Here the photos are slide into the pocket and is hung from the hook.

Frozen Smiles is another unusual gift. Pop one into your guest’s drink and see the reaction. Again, the Punk washing up Brush is sure to light up everything in the kitchen space. Of all the unusual gifts, the morph door stop is a six inch tall morph figure greeting you and saying hello everytime you pass it. Hence, the range of gifts offered is unusually spectacular and fabulous in giving friends the surprise of life. They will love the unique gesture and a gift that speak from a different perspective.

About Company:

Urban Gifts has been successfully catering to the quirky minds with the most unusual gifts. The team of manufacturers is fed with innovative ideas from the creative group. They understand the needs and demands of the generation X and so opt for designs that would suit the minds. The company has been able to perceive the demands of youths of today and so they are constantly coming up with ideas to suit the varied mindsets.


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