Light PV assembly system for direct application on trapezoidal sheet roofs

The Saxon Anhalt expert for CdTe thin film modules Calyxo has developed a new assembly system which has been developed especially for the installation of modules without frame on trapezoidal sheet roofs.

The insertion system called MX1, made of durable aluminium, permits the quick and safe assembly of the on-site Calyxo CX3 modules. However, also modules without frame by other manufacturers with a maximum thickness of 6.8 mm can be fixed on trapezoidal sheet roofs using the system especially designed for fixing glass/glass laminates.

In doing so, the installation of the Calyxo CX3 modules by use of the MX1 assembly system loads the roof with less than 20 kilogram per square metre. This permits the safe assembly of PV power plants even on less load-bearing roofs. The assembly proves to be quick and easy. Due to the insertion technology, the modules can be installed without using any tools, as neither clamping nor screwing is required.

time saving, this concept is also extremely gentle to the modules. Because due to the floating module installation, the thermal surface expansions of the profiles can be uncoupled from the complete system.

The design was also attached great importance to during the development of the MX1. In combination with the black Calyxo CX3 modules, compact, optically attractive roof areas are created, that fit optimally into the architecture of the building. At the customer`s request, the system can be delivered in black anodized design, as standard, Calyxo delivers the profiles in mill finish design.

While the MX1 system is installed directly on trapezoidal roofs, in the MX2, Calyxo offers an assembly system especially designed for slanted roofs, which offers all the above mentioned advantages, but is assembled in cross connection. As of now, the MX assembly systems are available Europe-wide.

With the MX assembly systems, Calyxo extends its expertise as an EPC supplier (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) for efficient PV power plants and now also offers an intelligent assembly system for the proven and tested CX3/CdTe thin film modules.

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