Metacrylics® chemists develop an innovative solution to an age old problem of re-coating walking decks

Every year millions of homeowners re-stain or re-coat their walking decks and balconies to prepare themselves for another summer. Now you can forgo the yearly drudgery of sanding down wood, removing the stains from your hands and your clothing, and messy recoating of your walking deck. Metacrylics® Clear Acrylic Sealer offers you that solution.

Metacrylics® Clear Acrylic Sealer is a water-based product with all the characteristics you would find in acrylics, such as flexibility and water resistance, but with the durability and strength of epoxies.

Other sealers wash off in a few months or fail to deliver. Metacrylics chemists have found the secret after years of tedious research and, for the first time are making this unique product available to everyone.

The Metacrylics® Clear Acrylic Sealer protects the existing deck surface on almost all walking deck systems, including: concrete, wood, tile, granite, urethane, epoxy, acrylic, and more.

Now comes the easy part, the application, it can be applied using any sprayer, roller or even a paint brush. The deck will sparkle after the semi-gloss of the Metacrylics® Clear Acrylic spray sealer brings out the best in your old stain or colors. 1 gallon covers 400 square feet, and after the application, the deck becomes resistant to mildew, scuff, oil, water resistant and UV protected. A great way to brighten, beautify and protect your deck. Clean-up is a breeze; dirt can’t adhere to the clean smooth surface.

The choice is yours you can find your gloves break out your old clothes and commit yourself to your yearly ritual, or, apply one coat of Metacrylics® Clear Acrylic Sealer and take your summers off.

Metacrylics® energy efficient coatings, offering simple innovative solutions to age old problems:

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