Exotic India – Now Offering a Large Collection of Hindu Books

Since their inception in 1998, Exotic India has been serving customers with high quality products including Indian jewelry, paintings, sculptures, textiles, etc. Customers can now buy Hindu books from them as they are now offering a large collection of books.

Covering all the aspects of the religion, the Hindu books offered by them are the perfect medium to learn more about it.

While talking about their offered collection of Hindu books, a senior executive working with the company stated. “We take immense pride in offering the world’s largest collection of Hindu books that are a rich source of information on this profound religion. While going through these books, you will realize that Hinduism is lot more than a religion, it is also a way of life, where spiritual progress is made possible for everyone, regardless of his/her station in life.”

The wide collection of Hindu books offered by the store is based upon the four Vedas that are the foundation of Hinduism. Srauta Sutras, this collection of Hindu books describes the use of Veda mantras in different sacrifices or Yajnas. Another collection of these books is Grhya Sutras, which is based upon the appropriate conduct of a follower of Hinduism. Customers can also buy Dharma Sutras collection that describes Dharma and ways to follow it. Further, Itihasas offered by the company is a unique collection of Hindu books that delineates epic histories including Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Discussing further about the company, the senior executive commented, “We at Exotic India are dedicated to make India’s famed arts, crafts, and spiritual depth accessible to patrons all around the globe. By offering an extensive range of hand-picked products, we strive to bring together people who love India.”

Besides selling a large collection of Hindu books, Exotic India is the one stop destination for beautiful Brass Sculptures such as Goddess Parvati, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Vishnu etc.

About Exotic India:

Exotic India is one of the premier names in selling an impressive range of hand-picked jewelry, apparel and art from India. Customers who want to buy The Siva Purana 4 Volumes, which is an English Translation of Shiva Purana can get it from them at reasonable prices.

Contact Information:

Exotic India
T4/13 Mongolpuri Industrial Area
Phase I
New Delhi 110083
Tel: 99538 39642
Email: info@exoticindiaart.com
Website: http://www.exoticindiaart.com/

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