Get prepared for autumn with a waterproof coat from Robinsons

As summer ends and autumn commences, Robinsons Equestrian are unveiling an inspiring collection of waterproof coats to suit all ages. Befitting for the inexperienced and experienced rider, the new waterproof range will keep riders dry and let the skin breathe.

This fresh range of equestrian clothing will be suitable for yard riding, show riding or for walks on rainy days. Tried and tested fabrics have been selectively adopted for the autumn collection and due to these waterproof coats being washable, stains and splashes can be eliminated dexterously.

Robinsons Equestrian has managed to create a timeless assembly of coats that are clean, uncomplicated and appropriate for male and female riders. Style has been integrated into their autumn waterproof range, as well as complete practicality.

Perfect when tied together with waterproof riding trousers, this assortment of autumn outerwear will be suitable when worn as riding apparel, leisurewear or just for show. These waterproof coats are precisely made so that all shapes and sizes can fit into them snugly. Both men’s and women’s clothing can be chosen according to size, colour and price, which is convenient for those who participate in equestrian activities and for those who simply spectate.

The development that has taken place for the Robinsons Equestrian autumn range proves that this company is a dominant contributor in the equestrian clothing market. To display that comfort is important for all customers, they have introduced waterproof zips and elasticated cuffs.

The waterproof coats can be wiped down with a damp cloth for simplicity and taped seams ensure that no moisture penetrates through the clothing at all. Over the years, Robinsons Equestrian have strived for complete customer satisfaction and with the newest autumn range, influences have been taken from the equestrian industry to deliver an unbeatable collection of coats that are machine washable and water-resistant.

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