Covenant Church Furniture Uses New Technology to Design Church Chairs

Covenant Church Furniture, a renowned manufacturer of church seats, pews, and tables, is utilizing the latest breakthroughs in computer-aided design to manufacture the best looking church chairs and pews. This is one of the things they do that makes them stand out among other furniture makers.

With the help of computer design technology, they are able to provide the layout that their customers have in mind. Their representatives work hand-in-hand with their clients, so that the furniture will fit in with the overall look and feel of the interior of their church. Their attention to detail, both in planning and actual construction, is appreciated by their clients after they see the finished work.

Standard construction features of their seats include support legs made from Northern Red Oak, pews up to 72 inches in length, and rounded edges with no sharp corners for pew ends and seats. They apply lacquer for a supreme finish to ensure durability and withstand wear and tear.

Covenant Church Furniture provides several styles of seats, cushions, and pew ends their customers can choose from. These are then customized to blend in with the surroundings. Frame colors for chairs can come in natural oak, dark maple, mahogany, walnut, and more.

Aside from congregation chairs and pews, this company also constructs choir chairs, communion tables, pulpits, baptistries, steeples, and theater seats. They also provide seating upgrades and customized engraving. In addition, they make details and accessories from bookracks to kneelers.

Call them at their toll free number 800-248-8055 to set up a free consultation, or go to their website to look for the nearest representative.

About Covenant Church Furniture

Covenant Church Furniture is a Missouri-based manufacturer of church seats, pews, and tables. They are known for their quality workmanship and long-lasting products. For more information, visit

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