Law firm Boyd Contreras can help you protect your legal interests.

If you need a San Diego Divorce Attorney or an Irvine divorce attorney there is no point in putting things off. In divorce, as in so many things where legal advice is needed, the quicker you acquire a skilled attorney the better things generally go.

At Boyd Contreras we bring exceptional skill and experience to our client’s aid. We understand that when you need a lawyer for any reason it is a trying time; you need the confidence that comes with a good lawyer, and in divorce that is especially important when you are dealing with complicating factors.

At Boyd Contreras we specialize in high asset divorces, military divorces and situations where there is a business at stake. We will work hard to make sure you get the fair est portion of your assets.

Bankruptcy is another area that brings more than its share of headaches, but at Boyd Contreras we can guide you through the process, making sure that you choose the right type of bankruptcy for your situation, and making sure that you are ready to start the process of reorganizing your life after the worst has happened.

Sometimes, though, bankruptcy can be avoided. We will review your financial situation, and tell you what we feel the best course is – it could involve a negotiation with your creditors instead of bankruptcy, but whatever the right course for you is, you can rest easy knowing that Boyd Contreras has your best interests at heart.

No Irvine Business lawyer or San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer serves their client with more skill and dedication – whether you need legal advice or a trial lawyer, Boyd Contreras is there to help. Karie Boyd is owner and partner. She has extensive experience in bench and jury trials in business and real estate litigation, unfair competition law, trust and estate litigation and all aspects having to do with divorce.

Dolores Contreras also has extensive experience in many aspects of business and real estate law and specializes in corporate bankruptcies, unfair business practices and unfair competition under California Law as well as a wide range of commercial litigation areas. She is also fluent in Spanish, and a licensed real estate broker.

You will always have ready access to your attorney to answer questions or concerns, and our attorneys have an extensive network of legal and technical resources which allow them a wide variety of avenues to bring the best resolution to your case possible. Due to our experience in a wide platform of related fields, we can often see problems coming from different areas and will work to protect your interests.

If you need a lawyer for any business reason or for divorce, no matter how complicated the case or how inter-related some matters are, Boyd Contreras will work to make sure your life is restored to its normal course, but that is not the only reason to contact us.

It is always much better to secure the services of a lawyer to make sure that things are structured properly so if trouble does come you are as prepared as possible to face it. This could involve prenuptial agreements, the structuring of a corporation or company and your will and trusts. Properly setting up these areas of your life can stop life’s headaches from happening.

If you need a San Diego Divorce Attorney or a San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer, Boyd Contreras will make sure the job is done right.

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