MedPlus Launches Online Shopping Store

MedPlus, one of the leading pharmaceutical and beauty care products distributor in India, has announced the launching of their beauty products online store

Announcing the launch of the online store in a faxed statement, the company’s Dr. Madhukar Gangadi, Founder and CEO, MedPlus said, “The economy of India has been growing at a very high rate and that has given us an opportunity to distribute our beauty, wellness and personal care products including foot care and personal hygiene through our virtual studio concept rather than the traditional brick and mortar that has limitations in terms of all products under one roof and payment options.”

The company CEO also said the it has vast experience in supply management and distribution expertise which will enable the company to offer a wide variety of cosmetics products in india.

The new online store concept will also give their customers the opportunity of convenience shopping and enjoy home delivery options and yet still remain with competitive prices. Customers have the option of having the products delivered at their door steps or collect them at their nearest metro shop.

Dr. Surendra Mantena, COO, said. “The online store concept launched by is a first of its kind in India and offers a unique shopping opportunity to its customers across the country and beyond. The E-commerce industry has a potential of over 500 billion USD and we are confident that our entry into the online market will enable our customers enjoy convenience shopping impacting the lives of millions of people across the country offering real value for money.” He also said its customers will have access to over 12,000 products for health and other beauty products at a click of a button.

The entry of into the ecommerce market comes at a time whereby over 10 billion USD is being traded online with a compound annual growth rate of 47%. This is expected to grow to over 100 billion USD within the next 6 years.

MedPlus was started in February 2006 in Hyderabad after Dr. Madhukar Gangadi the founder and CEO came across a world health report that over 30% of fake drugs originate from India. He knew this was a worrying trend and that’s when came out with the idea of having a company that will distribute only genuine health care products. That’s when MedPlus was born.

Today it serves over 130,000 customers daily and has outlets exceeding 950 pharmacies through India. The company is guided by three mission statements, quality, convenience and low prices. It also ensures that all drugs sold through there outlets are genuine, have been lab tested to provide accurate results and the doctors that you meet are experienced and qualified. Its vision is to be the first call for routine healthcare. MedPlus also has clinics that provide first class medical services known as “Community Care” initiative.

The company has over 5,000 employees who are always ready to serve you better for 365 days a year.

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