Star of Texas Credit Union Helping Business in Austin, Texas with their Commercial Property Loans

Star of Texas Credit Union. Rates and terms are favorable for any type of business real estate loan. Their staff will assist the borrower in determining what terms will work best for their situation.

Banks and other financial sources have been reticent to lend money to businesses, especially small businesses since the financial downturn. Even though Austin, Texas has one of the best business and financial climates in the country, businesses have still found it difficult to obtain commercial real estate loans. These loans can be crucial in helping any business in whatever stage they are at in their development. From the beginning, when they are just looking to start-up; to the point when they are looking to expand their presence in any market, commercial property loans are an essential key to their survival.

Star of Texas Credit Union recognizes the need for financial institutions to cater to the needs of their current and potential member base. One of the loan officers at Star of Texas Credit Union stated that new and established businesses are such a large part of the Austin community and without them Austin would not be one of the top economies in the nation. That is why he sees the commercial property or commercial real estate loans that his credit union is offering to be an invaluable service. Obtaining one of these loans is as easy as visiting or calling 512-782-0246.

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