Workforce planning and staff development help create skilled workforce

Bandung, Indonesia – According to SuccessFactors, strategic workforce planning is becoming a must for companies looking to identify the skills needed in their future workforce. 

Due to a growing shortage of skilled labour, workforce planning and staff development are becoming increasingly important.  Knowing the skills you have and the skills you need will help to create an effective employee development strategy.

Across Europe skilled workforces are aging. The huge surplus of workers created by the Baby Boomer generation is getting old and retiring, taking their knowledge with them. The imminent talent shortage from retiring workers is enough to cause problems on its own. Moreover, rapid technological development is worsening the skills shortage.

Computer sciences and engineering in particular are susceptible, with 36% of IT companies and 28% of energy companies expecting large increases in employees over the next three years. They are not alone – other industries face threats to their workforce know-how.

Without a skilled workforce vital tasks and business processes cannot be completed efficiently, leading to capacity bottlenecks, capability issues and reduced business performance.

SuccessFactors is currently offering business leaders the chance to take a benchmarking test to see how their business compares to others. The test provides recommendations on what businesses can do to improve and where they can get guidance on creating a winning talent management strategy.

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