Flutterbyes Reacts to the Recession by Offering Cheap Gifts

Bromley, United Kingdom, July 28, 2012 – Flutterbyes have added yet another section to their online store, but this time it is to do with the price of their goods rather than their gift selection. The “gifts £ 6.00 & under” page offers a range of various products at rock bottom prices. The famous home and gift shop company of the United Kingdom has taken it upon themselves to provide an alternative to those suffering in the recession; they have done so by offering cheap and quirky yet high quality potential presents and products.

To cater to as many customer’s tastes as possible, Flutterbyes have made their “gifts £ 6.00 and under” section extremely diversified. All items are personal, quirky and unique, as they believe a gift needs to be something thoughtful and individual to the person receiving it. Nevertheless, all items remain highly fashionable and in keeping with the latest trends. For instance, they sell the extremely popular “Keep Calm and Carry On” mugs for a mere £5. They have added a personal twist by having a mug aimed at gardening and another with a patriotic British theme. In addition to this, other gift items featured in this section include the following: decorative hearts, key hooks, butterfly tea lights, a white wooden chalk board and a vintage wooden picture. Their product list gives you an indication of the extent to which all their items are personal, practical and on trend.

Nonetheless, despite its recent cost effective gift section, Flutterbyes is a value for money; e-commerce website in its entirety. Most products on the website range from £10 – £15 on average. The company pride themselves on being a company, which offers more than just the product. They have a professional team of people, which are dedicated to selecting a diverse and exciting range of goods. This is evident in the variety displayed in the store’s products – From bird cages to fragrant sachets, jewellery storage to metal signs and clutch bags to garlands. They aim to make your shopping experience a pleasurable and happy one and promise to offer customer aid and advice whenever it’s required.

In addition to their cheap prices, Flutterbyes are aiming to help during the current difficult economic climate by offering extremely low postage prices. For any orders under £50, the customer will be charged £2.95 for delivery, alternatively, if a customer places an order over £50,then they will benefit from free postage.

All of these price cuts and offers from Flutterbyes bind together in the aim of ensuring that individuals can buy gift and home goods for the bare minimum price so that they can stay cost effective during this difficult economic period.

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