Find out Why Mens bracelets become stylish and chic accessory now a day

In the long history of the growth and evolution of jewellery, the bracelet has occupied an exalted position, as is evident from the immense significance that it holds in different cultures and societies around the world. For instance, it is a custom to wrap a string of red and white beads around the wrist on the first day of the month of March, in the Greek society, and this ritual is known as the “Martis”.

In several parts of Latin America, specially designed bracelets, known in native jargon as Azabache Bracelets, are worn on the hands, in order to keep illness and bad fortune at bay, and to protect infants and newborn children from the “Mal de ojo”, which can be roughly translated as the evil eye. These are not the only instances, whereby bracelets have transcended the mere purpose of being pieces of jewellery, and have been deeply embedded in the culture and the customs of a group of people.

In the Egyptian Society, the Scarab Bracelet is of utmost significance and has even come to be the motif of the Egyptian culture, all over the world. Bracelets can be worn by members of both genders, as is evident from the fact that ancient monarchs and rulers used to wear amulets and bracelets with the royal insignia, and priests wore sacred amulets which were engraved with the symbols of the main deities of the land.

Today, Mens Bracelets have undergone considerable changes in their designs and embellishments, and have become more contemporary. Dominant designs in bracelets for men, would include skull-shaped patterns, leather straps decorated with metallic charms or engraved with monograms of the owner. These bracelets are made up of silver, or artificial base metals and are usually chunkier than the bracelets made for women, keeping in mind the natural broadness of men’s wrists.

The most commonly used metals would be stainless steel, tungsten or silver, in case of men. Gold bracelets are also quite popular. Most men prefer designs and materials that are durable and can withstand a certain amount of friction. Bracelets for men are quite elegant and reflect the wearer’s personality.

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