Matthew F. Sheehan Co. Selling Religious Statues & Other Items Since 1907

Founded in 1907 in Boston, Massachusetts, Matthew F. Sheehan Co., Inc has been serving the religious community for over 100 years. The company’s customer base extends from the United States to Asia, Australia, South America, Europe and Australia. Matthew F. Sheehan Co. sells a variety of religious products that spans across denominations.

Products include items for bishops, crosses, cruets, lecterns, bells, books, furniture, rosaries, clerical apparel among other items.

Matthew F. Sheehan Co., Inc also sells a variety of religious statues that are suitable for every day display as well as for special occasions. Some statues are constructed of alabaster marble, wood or pewter. The statues also depict several religious scenes and are designed and created by several talented and prominent art studios. The statuary collection also includes a variety of water fonts that are designed especially for private homes.

Of the religious statues, one of the more popular lines is the angel statues. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are available in over thirty different styles including birdbaths, garden statues and statues with solar powered lamps or candles. In addition, the angel statues depict images of angels with children, in prayer, with animals or a harp.

Another category in the religious statues is the patron saints line. The sizes range from four inches to five feet and the images depict religious role models. Made of pewter, alabaster or wood, the statues depict male and female saints. Saints Christopher, Daniel, Francis, Gabriel, Elizabeth and Florian are some of the saints depicted among the approximately 500 patron saints statues that Matthew F. Sheehan Co. sells to the religious community.

The religious statues also include the pieta category. The pieta is an image of the Virgin Mary mourning and cradling the deceased body of Jesus Christ. Matthew F. Sheehan Co. sells six types of pieta statues which depict this very somber scene. The Michelangelo pieta is in full color while the other five designs portray the purity of the image in white.

Serving the religious community for over one hundred years, the variety of Matthew F. Sheehan Co. religious goods, apparel and statues is unmatched. The company sells a variety of statues which depict very relevant scenes in religion and are designed for both indoors and outdoors. There are religious statues of Jesus, Blessed Mother, the Patron Saints, angels and a variety of fonts. The company also carries statues created by several famous art studios. The religious community throughout the world has been using the services of Matthew F. Sheehan Co. and enjoys it exemplary service and wide product line.

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