Strange Clouds, a Second Card from B.o.B’s deck.

After Nicki Minaj songs the hip hop listeners are again to rejoice with American hip hop singer B.o.B’s latest and second album Strange Clouds. The album is set to release on 1 May 2012 worldwide. The album is reported to have positive feedback from audience and is expected to prove as milestone for B.o.B’s career.

The album has 20 tracks and most of them are either set on or with other singers like Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. To listen to this album or to follow the release and singer please visit The website is famous for its holding almost all major hip hop artists and their songs. In the list of most viewed and liked songs are Wiz Khalifa songs, Lil Wayne songs, Nicki Minaj songs and Chris Brown songs.

B.o.B is an upcoming hip hop singer and musician Strange Clouds is his second album which is preceded by his other solo songs and video songs. His list of songs goes on the mood of Lil Wayne songs sometimes exciting and sometimes chilling the heat in the audience. Majority of the songs from Strange Clouds are already released on 12 April 2012 which can be listened on the same website, while they can be downloaded only after 1 May 2012.

Bored of Jazz or country songs, try listening to hip hop songs, and to begin with Wiz Khalifa songs are perfect followed by Lil Wayne songs. The list goes on and you will never get tired to listening hip hop songs, and for some change listen and watch B.o.B’s songs and videos.

B.o.B has released the official trailer of his new video song The Live Room on 25 April 2012. It seems as B.o.B is trying to set his market before banging it with his new album Strange Clouds. Trend never last it just keeps on changing and this is what we see when we listen to hip hop songs. Artists like Lil Wayne and B.o.B help the trend to change. Lil Wayne songs are fascinating and full of energy while other country songs are sometimes very dull, this distinction helps hip hop get good number of audience. All the best for B.o.B, hope his album Strange Clouds be liked by audience and set a new level for hip hop songs.

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