Social Worker Website Renovations Further Serve Career Hopefuls

After launching on the internet just under 18 months ago, Becoming a Social Worker 101 ( has quickly made a name for itself amongst young adults exploring careers in social work. To further establish its usefulness and credibility in the profession, recent website renovations are making it even easier for visitors to learn about social work and how to be a part of this growing profession.

The process of going from an interested student to successful professional in the social work industry can be confusing, but Becoming A Social Worker 101 was designed to make the journey as smooth as possible. To help with this, the website – which started as a simple chronological listing of articles – created the following useful categories in order to get visitors to the desired information faster: Professional Overview, Education & Training, Types of Social Workers, and Career Information. Further, the website continually refreshes the site content so a visitor knows right away where the occupation is trending and what areas of the profession have the best career potential.

Higher education is critical in the world of social work, and Becoming A Social Worker 101 shows where the best schools and training programs can be found. Anyone needing information about types of courses and degrees available, including those with online options, does not have to look any further than this Internet knowledge post. Additionally, recent content additions make it useful, not only for career seekers, but established professionals wanting to stay up-to-date on new developments in the industry, and where to find needed continuing education units.

Becoming A Social Worker 101 has grown exponentially since it was first put into cyberspace, and visitors are encouraged to give suggestions and offer their opinions. More than that, the recent implementation of social sharing buttons throughout the site allow visitors to share what they have found with their friends. “We want this site to benefit everyone interested in social work,” says Susan Mathisen, owner and operator of the website. “We are constantly working to make it more informative, easier to navigate, and more useful as a career tool.” The website is a service to anyone interested in the profession, and if the current Internet portal is any predictor of its future, Becoming A Social Worker 101 will remain a preferred destination for career seekers.

For more information on the social work profession, including social work majors, licensures, and various occupations within the profession, visit The website is freely available to the general public, and has big plans for future developments.

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