P2 Technologies Provides Flexibility For Paramount Accountancy

West Yorkshire based, Paramount Accountancy wanted an IT service that was flexible and reliable; by signing onto P2 Technologies’ IT Anywhere service it has achieved its objective.

Paramount relies heavily on its IT systems, with 90% of work being carried out on a computer. As a newly established business, Paramount employed P2 from the very beginning to ensure the configuration of its IT infrastructure went as smoothly as possible. P2’s IT Anywhere service allowed staff to initially work from home whilst Paramount sourced new business premises.

Having moved into the office, staff continue to enjoy flexible working, IT Anywhere means that staff are not tied to one location and can work anywhere at any time of the day. Paramount prides itself on delivering an excellent customer service, with IT Anywhere it can respond to client demands quickly and efficiently.

By taking on the IT Anywhere service Paramount will also significantly reduce it’s up front capital and on going IT costs, and all staff will have access to the latest Microsoft applications on a completely new hosted desktop.

Richard Lay, Director of Paramount Accountancy said: “I had worked with P2 at my previous firm and knew they were reliable and cost effective. The IT Anywhere service is perfect for the nature of the business. Quite often we need to respond to client requests out of typical office hours, IT Anywhere provides us with this flexibility and allows staff to log on wherever they are, at anytime of the day.

“With IT Anywhere our systems work just as well at home as it does in the office, which allows staff to work around family commitments. When initially moving into our offices we had many databases and files to migrate onto our new system, P2 completed this task without any issues, working quickly with minimal downtime. After the initial consultation P2 have provided us with ongoing IT support. They deliver outstanding customer service and I am confident that should any IT problem arise, P2 will be able to solve it.”

Martin Page, Director at P2 commented: “Having worked with Richard at his previous practice, we already understood the nature of his business and what he wanted to achieve. This allowed us to install Paramount’s new IT systems with little problems. The IT Anywhere service will provide a great deal of benefits for Paramount, allowing for flexible working whilst providing the reassurance that its IT systems are fully supported on and off-site.”

For more information please contact:
Emily Smith
08450 176 090

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