Cost Effective Network Design and Development Services from CadreNET

CadreNET are specialists in dealing NYC computer support and data recovery. They have a team of experts who can handle the Network design and development needs of businesses in NYC. Most businesses depend on Internet and networking for their day to day work. Services of CadreNET assure that clients will face no hassles in their work and mete out best results. Network design and development packages of CadreNET are cost effective.

CadreNET has experience in dealing with various sizes and types of networks. Some of their services include setting up Local Area Networks (LANs), Large multi-location Wide Area Networks (WANs), Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), custom application for specific requirements, web servers, Emails, database servers and Internet access. They also offer performance monitoring and network security as a part of Staten Island Computer Repair services.

The key components of Network development package of CadreNET includes providing network and electrical wiring, installing power surge suppression systems, installing switches, routers and hubs, protecting network security with firewalls, installing server hardware, configuring servers for file sharing, configuring back-up procedures, installing and configuring new workstations, etc. These steps will assure that the network is up and running. But the list of jobs for CadreNET does not end here. They further offer a variety of Administration services which range from maintaining, trouble-shooting, upgrading and expanding the network to meet the needs of business.

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About CadreNET:

CadreNET is a reputed NYC data recovery services provider. They offer a comprehensive range of services as a part of their Network design and development services.


Street: 1110 South Avenue, Second floor
City: Staten Island
State: New York
Zip: 10314
Phone: (347) 273-1263
Fax: (347) 273-1363

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