Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources – Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force

Abuja, Nigeria 07. February 2012 — Consistent with the policies and promises of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Administration, and underpinned by the yearnings of the people of Nigeria for transparency in the Petroleum Industry, the Honourable Minister of Petroleum Resources has set up a Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force designed to enhance probity and accountability in operations of the Petroleum Industry. The Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force, whose membership is listed below, is charged with the following terms of reference:

Terms of Reference
1. To work with consultants and experts to determine and verify all petroleum upstream and downstream revenues (taxes, royalties, etc.) due and payable to the Federal Government of Nigeria;

2. To take all necessary steps to collect all debts due and owing; to obtain agreements and enforce payment terms by all oil industry operators;

3. To design a cross debt matrix between all Agencies and Parastatals of the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources;

4. To develop an automated platform to enable effective tracking, monitoring, and online validation of income and debt drivers of all Parastatals and Agencies in the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources;

5. To work with world-class consultants to integrate systems and technology across the production chain to determine and monitor crude oil production and exports, ensuring at all times, the integrity of payments to the Federal Government of Nigeria; and,

6. To submit monthly reports for Ministerial review and further action.

1. Mallan Nuhu Ribadu – Chairman
2. Mr. Steve Oronsaye – Dep. Chairman
3. Mallan Abba Kyari – Member
4. Ms. Benedicta Molokwu – Member
5. Mr. Supo Sasore, SAN – Member
6. Mr. Tony Idigbe, SAN – Member
7. Mr. Anthony George-Ikoli, SAN – Member
8. Dr. (Mrs.) Omolara Akanji – Member
9. Mr. Olisa Agbakoba, SAN – Member
10. Mr. Ituah Ighodalo – Member
11. Mr. Bon Otti – Member
12. Mallam Samaila Zubairu – Member
13. Mr. Ignatius Adegunle – Member
14. Mr. Gerald Ilukwe – Member
15. Rep. of FIRS – Ex-Officio
16. Rep. of FMF – Ex-Officio
17. Rep. of HAGF/ HMJ – Ex-Officio
18. Rep. of OAGF – Ex-Officio
19. Rep. of DPR – Ex-Officio
20. Rep. of NNPC – Ex-Officio


Goni M. Sheikh
Permanent Secretary
Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources.

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41 thoughts on “Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources – Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force

  1. I belive that Mr. Ribadu will do a good job clearing this mess. He is strong enough to keep Nigeria’s stake at heart. Good work Mr. President and the Honourable Minister of Petroleum Resources.

  2. i trust and believe in transformation powered by GEJ,DAM and actuallizing it with Nuhu Ribadu is a dream come true. thank you DAM

  3. This appears good. However, we need to ensure that the ongoing probe produces evident of seriousness to tackle corruption. Some people and even corporate organization involved in how trillions of dollars and barrels of imported fuel got missing with impunity must be punished as deterrent to others otherwise; we will soon be back at this same sport in the nearest future.

  4. Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force does sound glorious, however, we have been down this road many times before. Another layer of smokes and mirrors is not going to resolve many years ineptitude. Monitoring and measuring revenue collection is not difficult, just look at the insurance/financial services sector, the problem is the rule of law.

    The policies and promises of our honorable charismatic leader, the President does look good but is the real reason a PR exercise that is long overdue? Nigeria’s former anti-corruption csar, Nuhu Ribadu, Lawyer, inverterate missioner of social justice, and soccer buff (you must be joking) is not being asked to expose the corruption in the Oil business. The terms of reference above is a reason to OccupyNigeria.


  6. Welldone DAM. I know you inherited the problems in PR industry, but so far you have shown that there is need for change.May God give u the wisdom to carry out your plans of transformation of MPR to the logical conclusion. Ride on DAM. Not only that you are beautiful , you also have beautiful ideals. BRAVO!!!!!

  7. For you to succeed in the PR industry, you need to reorganize NNPC and inject new blood to that system. the staff quality need total overhauling…. Young dynamic professionals…… we have too many OLD people litter around NNPC subsidiaries !!!

  8. The Federal Government should give them the free hand to work without undue interference. I believe, with the help of God and the support of Nigerians, they will make a success of the assignment.


  10. Hon. Minister has done a great job, she should support Ribadu’s committee and make sure that it succeeds!

  11. I hope PDP will not rubbish the good name of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu with this carrot being dangling toward him. Honorable minister should be ashamed of revelation from the on going house of rep probe into oil subsidy.

  12. The appointment of Nuhu Ribadu as the team leader is commendable. We pray for their success and hope for a quick restoration of the Nigeria of our dream.

  13. How is dis TaskForce different from NEITI? I believe d job required of this committee is under the jurisdiction of NEITI. NEITI is covered by law while this committee is not, for me it seems this committee is merely set up to guide the Ministry and nothing more.

  14. am sorry for Ribadu, this is a PDP trap. so when they spoil your name you can not challenge them again. ACN please don’t allowed him to accept the appointment

  15. I believe this is a good thing and I am happy for Ribadu. Lets support him in prayer, encouragement and advice. God will use people like Ribadu to take this country to a completely new level. You are in my prayers, Sir.

  16. I am happy withis work. But I hope the member will see it as responsibility place on them by Nigerians. And so will ensure that they will not use it to enrich themselve just like PTF.

  17. With the appointment of Ribadu and some members of the committee , I am beginning to have some trust in this government. But Ribadu should be careful and watch well so that this would not be used to rubbish his integrity. He should resign if he observe any foul play any time.

  18. I. am not a pessimist .however I am still wondering what RIBADU and his crew can achieve amidst the cabal and PDP whom even the no 1 nigerian citizen cannot summount.ipray god will help him. GOD bless niger …………………

  19. Our problem in dis counri is greediness . na in oyinbo de call na mi go chop evritin. i pray gog heal us from that disease. God bless niger

  20. The task force has too many lawyers (20%). Retired /professional oil expert, accountants, with exposure in this not included. Wonder what is this about local content in oil and gas industry? Do not let the numbers of years accumulated by our Nigerian professionals in the E&P be wasted. They will be of tremendous help in TORs 4 & 5, as they were parts and parcel of such in their various companies. In addition, it will speed up the work

  21. i hope this meeting will not end in deadlock because Nigerians are now crying louder than the speakers. let the government do something about it and please the petroleum minister suppose to stay aside for some financial investigations.


  22. For once it important for all togive them a chance to perform while ity is our collective effort to monitor their efforts,progress or frustrations if any. while the average Nigerian is scepticalof any government body due to a perenial history of past deception, I think Mallam Ribadu has a proven track record to maintain.
    Yes, I trust he will not let us down.

  23. Thank God for this initiative .But remember to always put God first in everything and you will never fail. Always pray at the beginning and at the end of every activity . God bless GEJ, DAM , members of the committee and NIGERIA.

  24. They will deliver if and only if they be allowed to perform without godfather-ism, victimization, scape-goat-ism and favoritism. It is time we have a clean-up in this sector, May the good Lord help us in Nigeria, remain bless.

  25. The hard truth is that successive regimes of government had willfully carried on with wrong subsidy application; the correct format all over the world is to provide essential services and subsidize their cost for the poor and indigent segment of the society. Of course, it goes without saying that subsidizing fuel will lead to corrupt abuses hence it definitely makes sense to discontinue the subsidy. The problem here is the methodology; even as subsidy was not provided for in the 2012 budget proposals but so far as the fuel already in the country was imported with previous year’s subsidy, the government ought to have given notice that future importations would not be so covered.Things would have worked themselves out. Moving forward, I suggest the government stops appointing committees upon committees and get on with providing those essential services. It is not to be achieved overnight but with good communication, the people would appreciate a change from talking to acting.
    As to the Ribadu Committee, many questions arise. First, is the preponderance of lawyers (SANs for that matter!) suggestive of a judicial panel of inquiry? Again, why is it necessary for the government to always put in serving officials in such committees? Many always get the impression that their presence there is merely to monitor and control which defeats the aim of transparency. To say the truth, most Nigerians have become tired of the old ways of doing things. In fact, what won Dr Goodluck Jonathan the presidency of Nigeria was his promise of Transformation. If the present crop of officials cannot deliver the promise quickly, they should give way for others who already have developed achievable formats for Transformation – the only tonic needed to resuscitate the nation!

  26. Oil is the major source of revenue generation for the nation. In other words, 160 million Nigerians depend on it. Therefore, the revenue generated from oil can be used to develop other industries so that the nation can explore other sources of revenue generation. For us to achieve our vision 2020, until we develop our economy to a level that whatever we get from oil is just 10% of the national revenue. Some countries have oil but they generate more revenue from other resources. For example, the UK explore oil more than what we do but it is not more than 10 % of its revenue.

    The committee should review the contracts between the exploration companies and the nation. The contracts should be compared with what is happening in other part of the world. Hope Nigeria is not short changed? Nigeria as a nation with 160million has a lot of responsibilities so it has to maximize its resources.

    The Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force should help increase the revenue the nation generates from oil and gas.

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