Epoxy flooring coatings for a smooth job

Epoxy flooring is the ideal solution for every location where people work in surroundings that need to be durable. Hygienic, non-slip, resistant flooring that feels good underfoot and offers a good surface for vehicles, can be laid at short notice and during hours that suit your business.

Flooring without a flaw is how epoxy and urethane floors are often described. Tough, durable and yet comfortable underfoot, epoxy flooring coatings and urethane floors offer the kind of wall to wall surface that is perfect for many environments. The wear and tear on hospital floors wore out linoleum flooring on a regular basis; these days, no hospital would consider returning to lino flooring where the concrete would often wear out the underneath of the lino as fast as the march of feet and the wheels of trolleys and beds would wear out the surface.

Epoxy flooring provides a seamless surface with no awkward bumps to affect patients in wheelchairs or ridges to upend a patient on crutches. Epoxy and urethane floors are smooth, slip resistant and can come in a number of colours to suit the overall interior decor of a building. Floors that are coated with epoxy and urethane resins can be cleaned swiftly and easily to provide a level of hygiene that is not simply required in hospitals but also in places where food is prepared and served.

The floors are non-porous which helps to ensure that mould cannot get a grip and because the floors can be smoothed out into the farthest corners and sealed around pipes, it is much harder for mice to set up home, especially in establishments where food usually attracts them. If you are looking for a new floor, epoxy and urethane industrial coatings is the inexpensive solution that is swift to implement.

Warehouses have benefitted considerably since the days when bare concrete flooring was the norm. Today, epoxy and urethane floors help to create a superb working environment that is safe for forklift trucks and also for people. The floors are much more shock resistant than bare concrete floors which can crack if a heavy load is suddenly dropped, but the innate flexibility within the epoxy resin disseminates the shock of a heavy load dropping throughout the floor thereby avoiding the floor being damaged. If, by any chance, a floor is chipped or cracked, it can easily be repaired leaving a floor that is once again smooth and pleasant underfoot.

In certain places such as on steep ramps it may be necessary to have greater grip than can be secured by non-slip paint; epoxy and urethane floors can provide a ridged surface offering plenty of grip for vehicles. Non-slip floor painting can provide hospital directions for visitors and hazard warnings in warehouses and other working environments such as aircraft hangars, factories and vehicle service centres.

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