Belanger Environmental Associates – The Leading Mould Removers

Belanger Environmental Associates Inc. are certified and insured mould removers specializing in commercial, industrial and residential projects. The company is an industry leader in mould removal Toronto and GTA and offers full mould inspection free of cost. Its services include vermiculite removal, mould remediation and mould removal across Toronto.

This includes even the most toxic mould that has been built up over the years from moisture and is known to cause lung cancer and other breathing problems. Toxins in the air caused from mould can be very fatal to the health of family members or employees. Symptoms of toxic mould include arthritis, bloody nose, chronic colds, headaches, coughing, dizziness etc. Moulds destroy the things they grow on, like food, carpets, insulation and even wood. The company’s mould removal services help in keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Its mold removal Toronto process involves containment of existing mold from spreading, controlling the air movement, protecting the occupants and technicians from mold, proper disposal of waste materials, and more importantly, an in-depth clearing of all affected areas. Its experts use various sophisticated field tools like moisture meters, remote infra-red video inspection, real-time temperature and humidity devices and many special microbial sampling instruments to collect bulk, air, dust, and swab samples for laboratory analysis.

The company’s free on-site visual assessment comes with photos to determine probable causes for mold contamination and water intrusion. The certified technicians at Belanger Environmental Associates ensure asbestos removal Toronto in compliance with the Ontario Ministry of Labor/Environment Regulations. Their cutting-edge technology and professional approach ensures the execution of the required job right in the first time, and on time.

Belanger Environmental Associates Inc. also offers air quality testing service. This helps in identifying how infected an area is with mould and whether any mould has returned after a removal process in the past. They are also a leading expert in interior demolition across Toronto and GTA. The company specializes in demolition in any occupied or vacant environment like office buildings, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and hospitals. It handles any interior demolition project of any size and its business model ensures minimize interruption of business activities. Its experts ensure the customer safety through its state of the art air quality monitoring and mould removal service. The safety of the family or employees is its top priority.

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