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The Sam Rao Yoga Teacher Training School is a fully accredited Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training School for both the YA200Hrs and the YA500Hrs qualifications.

Principal teacher and director of school is Hatha Yogi, Sam Rao, who has over 10 years of teaching experience. “Our batch of 15 students are progressing really well with plenty of practical teaching practice” said Sam Rao. The 19th and 20th of November was the third weekend of our Yoga Teacher Training Courses that took place at Easthampstead park Conference Centre, Wokingham.

Sam works with exceptional support teachers and specialists in both the health and nutritional remedial fields. Last weekend at our institute of Yoga teacher training in UK we had Tracy Palazzo from Mind & Bodyworx who was teaching a range of self-help massage techniques.

Tracy is particularly good at explaining how various areas of the body are linked and she gave us all a very good understanding of looking at structures around and associated with any challenged areas. Practical sessions involved looking at various students and their specific aches and pains, and how a shoulder pain could well be from imbalances elsewhere within the body.

Trainee teachers who want to become a yoga instructor then continue with their teaching of simple postures and building confidence in their ability to teach each others. This process will progress and then move towards teaching groups and finally on to a whole yoga class.

Sam continues to give opportunities to individuals to go to their own limits and learn. There is definite encouragement and also a growing process of building each student’s confidence to allow them to stand up in front of pupils and then to teach yoga. Not only teaching a posture but beginning to verbalise the benefits of each posture.

Courses strictly follow the criteria laid down by the Yoga Alliance of the UK. Students have also started on their business plan. This involves, over a period of several months, producing a convincing business plan worthy of presentation to any Bank for financing the project of opening a class and then running a successful yoga classes business.

Anatomy and Physiology is the corner stone of this course. Every day we learn about the structure (Anatomy) and related Physiology (the process). This knowledge is then linked to “common” ailments in our society and we learn how to use yoga postures to help with the common ailments.

Students are learning the art of teaching Yoga to others, as well as learning a huge amount about themselves. Gaining and maintaining confidence is a matter of habit. Students learn how their mind works in their philosophy and apply the teachings to themselves. Training to be a yoga instructor, with in-depth knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, will propel these students to gain independence and freedom from having to work at jobs they may not necessarily enjoy. The yoga teacher courses are a choice of either the YA200Hrs which is a 10-18 month training course, whilst the YA500Hrs is a 18months to 24 months course. Both can provide all the tools you need to create a satisfying career that can benefits the community and yourself.

Sam can be contacted via email on or visit his website:

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