Venom Advertising investigates YouTube’s Website Redesign Puts The Focus On Channels

Venom Advertising takes a look into the new developments at YouTube and they are revamping its website putting channels at the core of the service. A channel is a curated list of video clips chosen by a specific YouTube member or celebrity.

Channels are now displayed in a central column on the site’s home page resembling news feeds on social networks such as Facebook or Google+. The Managing Director of Venom Advertising says ‘I guess they are following the trend of Facebook and Google as they are the leaders in market place on-line, as they say – copying is the greatest form of flattery.’

Experts say the redesign may mean people spend longer on the site, but some users have attacked the change. The issue is now that around 17 hours after an official “Get More into YouTube” clip explaining the move went live, 6,703 members had clicked the “dislike” button compared to 2,280 who had clicked “like”. ‘Not a good start’ continues the Managing Director of Venom Advertising. Many other members are making their opinions known, “The layout is a mess! Why can’t I remove vids which I’ve already watched?” wrote one member. Others wrote “R.I.P. Youtube” and “Change it back”, although some complimented the change.

The site’s owner, Google, has posted a blog saying that the new design was “focused on helping you discover a broader range of entertainment”, but said there might be “further tweaks” depending on members’ feedback. The Managing Director of Venom Advertising understands where Google is coming from with improving the functionality based on customer feedback. Venom Advertising’s success this year has been down to the service they provide to their customers on behalf of their clients. As an outsourced sales and marketing company customer services is a constant work in progress with the Director saying ‘the difference between a good business and a great business is listening to what your customers want and then delivering!’

It highlighted the fact that the site now offered deeper integration with Google+ and Facebook, helping members see what their friends were sharing without leaving YouTube’s site. Google is also in the process of launching around 100 channels curated by celebrities and other well-known content providers. The firm is investing tens of millions of dollars into the project. Google said the site already attracts over 3 billion clip views per day. Company watchers believe the revamp will help make the site more “sticky”. Every site wants to capture the attention of users for longer and with competition like Facebook improvements like this are essential. The managing Director of Venom Advertising goes further to say, ‘it is one thing gaining new users or customers but maintaining their interest is the key, a brands main source of revenue comes from their existing customer base. Going into 2012 here at Venom Advertising we are going to increase momentum and continue to achieve o ur goals, unlike many other companies we are not going to slow down over the holiday season.’

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