Europe’s leading carpooling portal celebrates its ten year anniversary

Europe’s largest carpooling platform, which has almost 3.5 million registered users celebrates its 10th birthday.

Since founding in 2001 in Munich, Germany, the portal has established itself as the largest carpool platform on the Internet. With over 2 million users per month and access to more than 600,000 lifts at any one time in the data base the cheap travel solution provides an alternative way to reach destinations at a reduced cost of up to 75%.

The 10 years infographic, which is available on the website details the turbulent road to the number one position in a light hearted and entertaining read. It starts with 10m2 backyard office with an outside toilet and ends with recognition that the views of climate change and technology have changed in the last ten years. The timeline documents unruly spaghetti code, a Baywatch rescue scene and likening the dot-com bubble crash to a fart in a bathtub.

Success: constant innovation in service

Since the portal went online ten years ago; the number of available carpools has increased continuously by around 30 percent per year to a total of 24 million. Crucial to the success of is the firm’s constant product innovations, including a booking and payment system, android, iphone and facebook apps and security measures for users to feel secure while using the service. has a series of successful partnerships including ADAC, the German equivalent to RAC, established in 2009.

Expansion throughout Europe

The portal has now expanded into 7 languages and 9 countries and is planning a launch in the US. The number of registrations and the development of the company show that the cheap, car sharing industry, which was originally associated with a student image is now no longer the case.

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