Tracesmart first to upload 2012 Electoral Roll data

Leading consumer data specialists, Tracesmart, have begun to integrate and make available the first tranche of the 2012 Electoral Roll. The information offers the largest and most accurate summary of the UK population, and ensures Tracesmart’s customers benefit from the most current and authoritative residency data available in the country.

The information exists in two formats, the ‘full’ Electoral Roll which has qualified and conditional usage and the ‘edited’ Electoral Roll; these are key datasets utilised by a growing range of Tracesmart’s products and services.

Established by leading tracing experts, the company provides online B2B solutions to help businesses trace people Trace People, search information, find lost account holders, conduct employee background checks and confirm an individual’s Identity. The information provided within the Electoral Roll is fundamental to many of these products, in particular TraceIQ, Tracesmart’s intelligent online tracing tool

Paul Weathersby, Tracesmart’s Technical Director, commented on the latest data to be uploaded, “Every year we strive to be the first to utilise the newly released Electoral Roll data. Our customers need and deserve to be able to search the most favourable information available at the earliest possible moment, it has always been our aim to deliver a customer-centric solution and we constantly work to extend both the quantitative and qualitative capacity of our data.”

Over recent years the trend has seen the edited Electoral Roll diminish as opt-out rates increased. However, last year the opt-out decreased for the first time, falling 1% to 45% when compared with the preceding year. Absent data is generally bridged in the industry by the integration of other publicly available data.

Tracesmart holds data approaching a billion records including historic Electoral Roll information. Data is endlessly updated to ensure their systems will scan the most relevant and productive information available. Tracesmart will shortly complete uploading the new 2012 Electoral Roll and to ensure it remains up-to-date, they will also utilise the Rolling Register, a monthly update of approximately 250,000 records which amends Electoral Roll data to reflect changes in people’s personal circumstances.

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