Resume bid “the new concept in the world of job portals”

Bidding is not new to the online world. Most of us have used online bidding for one thing or the other. Revolution in the Bidding world started with the portals like eBay and has benefited millions worldwide with its Services.

People have been creating bids for various kinds of products online and reaching out to millions of Internet users. With the launch of, a new market leader among job portals has emerged which is bringing the most advanced feature of Resume bidding in forefront.

With this incredible feature of Resume biding experienced jobseekers can create a resume bid on our portal by uploading their CV’s & demand the pay that is worth their skills. believes that you, the job seekers, should get the best value for the skills and expertise you have in your job domain. Gone are the days, when job seekers used to just upload their resumes and chased recruiters and employers. This is the 22nd century application that has dawn on the 21st century, which will help jobseekers get their dream jobs with push of a button. It is the time when job-seekers should be chased by recruiters for their skill and knowledge. Indeed many employers are shedding and in same time hiring. For employers this is the right time to search posted resume bid to find skilled people in the crowd and make their company stand ahead.

Kumar Vuppala the product architect of Jobtardis said,” I added this feature in our portal and modified it in such a way that people can bring in their talent and capabilities in front and bid for the salary & designation they desire and deserve”. He also added,” this immaculate feature helps a jobseeker to choose the best job option available & also helps them to know what their real worth is.”

Myths of not getting jobs fade away when Resume Bid comes in real picture on our portal.

About Jobtardis Limited is a UK based job portal focusing on providing quality services to jobseekers, recruiters & employers so that talented people/manpower can reach to right company/organisation.

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