Adventure tours in Iceland and Greenland with Luxury Adventures

Luxury Adventures is a leading adventure tours company in Iceland specialising in exclusive, life-changing experiences. The company is a foremost tour provider within the luxury travel segment in Scandinavia, working with the highest quality of guides and accommodation.

Its reputation has been forged by creating exciting itineraries that combine true off-the-beaten-track travel with a unique blend of luxury and adventure. Encouraging fascinating cross-cultural interaction, Luxury Adventures uncovers the lives of the people within remote regions, as well as exploring their landscape, history, culture and cuisine, ultimately leaving its clients with the unforgettable experience of having discovered incredible locations.

Luxury Adventures understands the detail of each destination. It knows how best to use its client’s time; from the moment the trip is booked, Luxury Adventures’ experts start working on effective schedules to ensure that nothing is missed.

With Luxury Adventures, travellers can explore Greenland, the home of the original Inuit, polar bears and Musk ox. Travellers can also trek into the heart of Iceland, explore the hot springs and glaciers, volcanoes and waterfalls.

The adventure tour provider is a firm believer that travelling is all about the experience and the details – the accommodation, the transport, the route, and the people met along the way.

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