Landscape garden designs make Brits feel at home again

Landscaping Company Four Winds take it in their stride to turn every British House the owner’s pride. This Essex based landscape garden designs company has been putting the home back into homestead recently with a series of wonderfully imagined, brilliantly realised bespoke projects for Home Counties residents.

The company, which is famous for its versatility and its attention to detail, has made outdoor spa gardens, complete with Jacuzzi baths; it has made rock gardens; classic English gardens; Japanese gardens; a full range of personalised outdoor spaces for people who want their houses to be homes again.

Four Winds is at the forefront of a gardening movement that would have been seen as pretty surprising three years ago. Back then houses were for selling, which meant that gardens, like the interiors of homes, had to be neutral. Now British people are living in their homes for an average of 20 years. And that means making them places to love, to grow up in and to come back to. One of the most popular ways of doing that, according to Four Winds is to have landscape garden designs commissioned and completed.

According to a spokesperson in the company, the garden has emerged to be one of the most individual and private parts of a home and more customers are coming approaching them with plans that show that they want to live in their houses for a very long time indeed.

Four Winds has certainly developed some unique solutions to customer requirements: most of which have come about as the result of extensive conversations between customer and company. Whatever they’ve done, it has worked. The British garden is back thanks to Four Winds.

About Four Winds

Four Winds is a UK based garden design company providing soft and hard landscaping as a part of their garden design projects.

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