Loudoun walk in medical center: Get the right treatment at the right time

Loudoun walk in medical center is an urgent care center that is staffed with physicians. It was opened in order to address the needs of the community. It is a place to go when a person needs immediate care that does not warrant a visit to the ER or when a person’s primary doctor is unavailable to see them and waiting for an appointment is just not an option. These days, people are realizing the importance of having alternate forms of medical care and have understood that sometimes waiting for an appointment with their primary doctor or going to the emergency room for non-life threatening issues is just not an option.

Accidents and minor injuries can happen at anytime and therefore staying prepared for the worst situation is always helpful. If you are stuck in a non-life threatening emergency and would like to reduce the consequences then knowing about the nearest medical centers is a must. Accidents and injuries are uncertain and can happen at any time to anyone.

In order to help people who are stuck in medical emergencies and problems and are not able to consult their doctor urgently, many medical urgent care centres have opened up. There are times when your personal doctor is not available for you and cannot help you when you need it the most. This is where a walk in medical center can be of benefit to you.

Loudoun Walk In Medical Center can provide medical service in English and in Spanish as well, with a bilingual physician on staff. It accepts most major insurances and self-pay options are available as well. Please do not hesitate them a call for more information.

For the convenience of patients, the center also has an X-Ray machine on-site as well as an EKG machine and lab testing available. The center is staffed with a physician who specializes in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Dr. Fuad Alykhan is the founder of Loudoun Walk In Medical Center. Dr. Alykhan completed his residency at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA and has specialized in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. He has also completed a transitional year at the Frankford Hospital in Philadelphia. He has been working extensively in the field of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics for over 12 years now.

The services that you can obtain here are the following:

Urgent care:

1 Minor injuries

2 Allergies

3 Sprains/simple fractures

4 Minor burns

5 Bumps and bruises

6 Colds and flu

7 Cuts and minor lacerations

8 Urinary tract infections, STD evaluation and treatment

9 Bronchitis

10 Strep throat and Pharyngitis

11 Simple foreign body removal

12 Sinus infections

Primary care:

1 Diabetes

2 High blood pressure

3 EKG’s and blood pressure monitoring

4 Internal Medicine

5 Gastrointestinal disorders

6 Breathing treatments (nebulizer treatments)

7 Preventative and wellness check-ups

8 Women’s health (including pap smears)

9 Smoking cessation and counselling

10 Weight management

Non-operative orthopaedics services:

1 Arthritis

2 Tendonitis

3 Bursitis

4 Partial Casting and splinting of minor breaks

5 On-site X-rays

Physical Exams:

1 Physical exams including sports, school, and camp physicals

2 Pre-employment physicals and DOT physicals

3 Annual physicals for comprehensive assessment

To know more about the medical center and its services click the link below: http://www.loudounwalkin.com

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