Jacada brings bespoke Argentina holidays to lucky customers

The best holiday experiences are always the ones that contain the word ‘secret’. Thanks to Jacada Travel, lucky British people can now experience the secret Argentina on one of the company’s luxury bespoke Argentina holidays.

Jacada Travel, which is a hugely popular tour agent for first class South American jaunts as well as luxury honeymoons, trades well on its connections with, and expertise in, the land whose name translates as ‘Land of Silver’ . Silver it might be but Jacada gets the gold star for creating some of the most awe inspiring and unforgettable tours a person could hope to be on. Like the two week bespoke wildlife tour, for instance that takes travellers way out into the heart of the rain forest down through the wetlands and on to the coast: where the luckiest travellers will find their expert guides leading them to schooling humpback whales. These are Argentina holidays as they should be experienced  full of the life, vibrancy and colour of the country, showcasing its every aspect and angle. Anyone going on one of these tours gets to see coypu and capybara, whale and wilderness.

Jacada Travel has a full list of Argentine trips available for its customers: from wildlife watching to lazing on beaches; from sampling the delights of Buenos Aires to taking in the astonishing vistas of the ice plains and glacier country. As a land that starts off equatorial, then moves through lush rainforest to temperate grass land and on to mountain ranges and glaciers (and is surrounded by beaches) Argentina has something for every taste. Jacada’s Argentina holidays reflect that perfectly, offering variety and excitement with every new day. Take a trip through it all or hang on the beach: either way, with Jacada Travel you know you’ve done it in style.

For more information, visit them at http://www.jacadatravel.com/argentina/tours/

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