Airkix lets fly with super cool corporate events

If you’re in the Manchester area and in need of a festive company day out, Airkix is the right place for you. Airkix is the latest safe extreme sport to capture the imagination of a nation and the parent company is offering some awesome corporate events to wet company whistles up and down the country.

Airkix is a combination of freefalling and skydiving in a completely safe indoor environment! Lucky employees get to hurl themselves into the void, only to discover that they are actually flying, supported by a constant updraft of air. Airkix is the closest thing to real unpowered flight that people are ever likely to experience and with their corporate events that means team building, company days and employee rewards galore. Airkix is offering a full company events package, including a full briefing, multiple flights for each employee and a refreshments for every participant. The package is ideal for client entertainment as well as in house company activity and it beats the heck out of paintball for a team building experience!

The events offered by Airkix are being rolled out at every official Airkix franchise in the United Kingdom. What they are letting themselves in for, of course, is a ton of fun unlike any other company day they have ever arranged or experience. The phrase ‘high flying’ takes on a whole new meaning when the whole sales team is suspended in flight!

For a full list of franchises their locations, and a rundown of the corporate tariffs they operate, you can visit the Airkix website at

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