Audio Transcription accurate transcription services

Hi-Tech Transcription Services is a leading outsourcing transcription company offering audio to text transcription services. We provide audio transcription services that can meet your business requirements in cost effective manner. Simply hire our expert transcriptionists to transcribe audio files and SAVE time and money.

Whatever your audio transcription requirements may be, Hi-Tech Transcription Services can provide customized solutions with highest level of accuracy that you need. Our dedicated team of transcriptionists providing accurate, timely audio transcription services with guaranteed turn around time.

Highlight of our Audio Transcription Services:

Guaranteed 98.99% accuracy of transcripts

High quality is maintained

Fast turn around time

24*7 customer support

Safe and Secure

Competitive pricing

Significant cost savings

We will redo the transcript or refund the money if our accuracy falls below 98% on audio of good quality!!

If you have following speeches recorded in audio and need to convert these audio file into text files than you are at right place:

Digital audio files and tapes








Focus groups




Articles, etc.

Security, Accuracy and Timeliness are strength of audio transcription services!!

We deliver totally risk free remarkable audio transcription services and our pricing is invincible. Feel the differences by sending your audio transcription needs on OR fill our FREE Quote from at: and let your inquiry be answered absolutely FREE.

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