It Pays to Have Friends

It may be true that you can’t buy friends, but they can earn you money if you recommend them to Top CashBack and they become members, as one lucky member discovered recently.

£500.00 was the prize for the lucky winner, simply for telling friends about his favourite cashback website.Entrants to the competition were selected from amongst Top CashBack’s 600,000 members. To win members were invited to tell friends and family about the popular website and for every person they told they received an entry into the draw to win the big prize. The winner was drawn at random and had their account credited with £500, not a bad return for passing on good news. Responding to the news, the delighted winner said “I never expected to win such an amount of money” .

Some of those who entered the competition told dozens of friends, whilst some told just one or two for the chance to win the £500.

The willingness to spread the word is reflected in the results of a survey of Top CashBack members who were asked how likely they were to recommend the site to a friend. The results showed that of the 6,200 members who took part, 96% of them would recommend Top CashBack.

The site regularly welcomes almost 50,000 unique visitors a day. Some special offers are simply too good to be ignored, such a recent deal to get a years breakdown cover from one of the leading providers for £28.00 and receive £23.00 cashback (that’s right, annual cover for a net £5.00).

Top CashBack approaches its fifth birthday with more competitions planned, new staff and new offices, the company has come a long way and made many new friends since its inception in 2005.

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