Individual Access to Scholarly References Will Place Writers Way Ahead

Individual access to scholarly online databases offers many benefits to staff. Writers will now be able to reference the best, and remain up-to-date. They can do all this flexibly and independently. writers have often noted how many juicy references are locked away in proprietary online libraries. A particularly tantalizing example is JSTOR. Recently, this scholarly archive began allowing Google to coyly display the first page of relevant articles.This tease revealed what rich resources such subscription databases contain, but engendered resentment at being shut out. Researchers unconnected with an institutional subscriber are excluded.

This sense of exclusion is also felt by those working/studying in regions scantily served by brick-and-mortar libraries. There are plenty of locales where a single research library serves a whole country! management has closely monitored the evolving state of reference archiving and access. The company added online databases to our office resources some time ago. This was a boon to customers, who can now expect the gold standard in reference sources.

Now, is going a step further by making access to scholarly reference archives available individually!

This is a stunning expression of trust and confidence in our writers. They could, after all, use this resource to perform work for other firms. However, management feels this slight risk is worth the substantial benefits. writers will be free to choose where and when they wish to research and write. They can become ”power users”; learning all the features, free of deadlines.

They can stay up-to-date professionally by reading current articles. They will acquire some valuable freedom and flexibility as a result of this move.

About has assembled a team of professional writers with a stunning array of specialties. We want to make the best use of this talent and knowledge for the benefit of our customers.

Our new individual access to scholarly databases reflects this aim. The best in writing help results. Whatever your writing project, whatever your challenge, our writers can assist you.

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