Conference calls to better your business communication

Conferencing products help businesses enhance their scope of communication, thereby enabling users to expand the scope of their business irrespective of their location. These telecom products can provide for either or both audio and video conferencing solutions. Audio conferencing is a more widely used alternative due to the affordability factor attached to it.

Teleconferencing equipment allows its users to deal with clients and business associates sitting even at the far-end of the globe, from the comfort of their office. Moreover, it also enables the users to engage in multi-point interactions, thereby providing a real-life conference experience. Teleconferencing equipment is available in a variety of options in the market today. These vary depending upon the number of conferencing participants they can cover and the dimensions of the room where the teleconferencing equipments needs to be installed.Apart from the regular PSTNs, teleconferencing equipments can also employ internet as the mode of information transfer. The technology called VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol allows calls over the internet via VoIP conference call phones. The teleconferencing equipment appears just like its traditional counterparts. It incorporates a number of features of its traditional counterparts like speed dial, redial and volume control etc.

The VoIP conference phone has garnered much popularity since they result in considerable savings. Internet is a much more economical a mode to communicate compared to the regular phone lines. Moreover, the VoIP teleconferencing equipment also lends its users the flexibility to launch a call from anywhere, outside their office. It offers more efficient utilization of bandwidth through video compression. Moreover, it also has the option to create a buddy list that not only shows the available contacts but also helps to launch conferences instantly.

Various measures have been employed in order to maintain the integrity of the information transfer via desktop video conferencing phone. These include securing by passwords, PIN numbers, firewalls among others.

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