Your Residential Designer As Your Creative Partner

For anyone planning to invest in a new house what matters a lot is the designing of the home. It could be an old home building that needs renovation or a completely new home design. As an owner you would want it to be according to your taste and this is where you would need a custom home design. Locating a designer who listens to the clients and also understands their requirement is a tough nut to crack.

Thankfully the people of North and South Carolina and Michigan do not have to go too far to search for such designers. Van Brouck and Associates Inc. are notable <a href=>residential designers</a> in the SC and NC home design industry as well as the Michigan home design field. When embarking on a residential design project the most important thing to be kept in mind is the taste of the owner. A three step process is adopted to approach the plan in a well organized manner.

As the first step Van Brouck lends an ear to the customer and takes note of every small detail and specification. The wealth of the information is incorporated into a Personalized Program Criteria. This includes the ideas of the client and the expertise of the Van Brouck organization.

With the preliminary design completed the path is cleared for the second stage which is of design development. At this stage the client gets to view a computer generated image of the future premises. Any necessary changes to be made are made at this stage.

As residential designers their utmost priority is customer satisfaction. It is only when the client is satisfied and all queries have been answered the third and final step of the final construction drawing is prepared. This is followed by implementation.

Implementing a project requires a builder. Based upon the approved plans a bid can be obtained from the builders or can directly be passed on to a pre-decided builder. On client request Van Brouck and Associates can also help locating a builder.

Planning and implementing a home improvement project is a subject very close to the heart of a house owner. A home design reflects the personality and lifestyle of the owner. An organization like Van Brouck is dedicated to understanding the needs of the client. At the same time they pay attention to the nitty-gritty of designing.


The award winning group of Van Brouck and Associates Inc. was established in 1992 by owners Donna and John Van Brouck. Ever since its inception the team has been successful in maintaining an excellent track record of customer satisfaction. They look at each project with a fresh perspective. Combining unmatched artistic and technical abilities they have achieved in giving each residential design a creative edge.

Each of those 1000 plus homes designed by Van Brouck speaks about the designers excellence.

More information and project plans and photos of <a href=>residential designers</a> Van Brouck and Associates Inc. are available on the given link.


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