Cash Caretaker Launches New Website

Cash Caretaker has recently launched a free online comparison website offering a range of advice, news and products from a number of leading UK retailers.

From loans to credit cards to mortgages, Cash Caretaker has been scouting around for the best deals for people from all walks of life and with varying needs to choose from, alongside down-to-earth explanations of the ins and outs of each product.The main products they offer are loans, credit cards, savings accounts, bank accounts, mortgages, utilities and insurance policies, including pet, home, travel and car insurance among others.

In just three simple steps, users are able to search, compare and apply for the product that best suits their individual situation and view all the benefits and online discounts.

For the more complex searches that require in depth and comprehensive attention, Cash Caretaker has teamed up with an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) that will be able to offer a free and impartial service designed to help the user. The IFA will be available to discuss mortgages, investments, life insurance and retirement and pensions and will ensure the company is offering the right product to the right people.

Cash Caretaker has partnered with selected reputable firms which include Barclays, Hastings Direct, HSBC and Kwik Fit, all of which are market leading companies with fantastic products and discounts.

The website offers the latest news surrounding the products sold on the website, so users interested in a particular offer can see the latest updates, enabling them to make an informed decision, rather than simply being served up some deals on a plate.

For the more tech savvy users, they will be able to keep up with the latest news and products on Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Another service is the Lower My Outgoings feature, which enables users to input their current providers’ details and the team will work to find a better deal, in turn saving the user money.

On top of these services, those in financial uncertainty or instability can also take advice from a frequently updated blog post, which will give them peace of mind and advice at the same time.

Cash Caretaker seeks to help people get on the right track with their finances and save them money so they can look forward to a better, more informed financial future.

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