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Traditionally, many small businesses have always relied on paper based yellow pages for their advertising. Consumers on the lookout for products and services too have always trusted their fingers and flip through yellow pages whenever the need arose, for example, for fixing that leaking faucet.

Times have changed a lot. Just think when was the last time you picked up that heavy book to look up a local business or service? That’s why most businesses find that yellow pages advertising doesn’t seem to be working anymore. You’d rather call telephone directory service to get a telephone number or search it on the Internet. The good old yellow pages are now out of sync with the changing times.Once a the mainstay of businesses for local advertisements, paper-based, commercial telephone directories have been severely hit since most people now prefer to log on to the Internet for gathering information. That is the major reason why most businesses are now either cutting off their budgets on yellow pages advertising or have totally ceased this mode conveying their message to the public.

There is no doubt that the Internet has emerged as a much better place for sourcing information. With Internet access available on mobile devices, cell phones, palm tops and laptops, it has become easy to access information even when you are on the move.

Not long ago, Google, with its targeted local searches, was the preferred choice of many. While there are many other means of gathering information online, location-based business listings have emerged as the most widely recognized service for accessing information related to local businesses.

Delivery of highly targeted location based information has emerged as the most powerful mode of providing information on the web. Location based business listing websites are everything about the area. They are not only quick but all encompassing. Location based websites are not only a much better alternative to search engine based research; they also provide a vast range of information apart from business listings. Online business listings have ceased to be only about finding the local barber shop or emergency services. Information can be accessed from anywhere in the world and can actually turn out to be a tool for advertising your business to a worldwide audience.

Nassau Directory Plus, a website totally dedicated to Nassau County is more than an online business listing website. It is concerned with everything that relates to Nassau and actually a gateway to all information that you may need, from entertainment to sports to, yes, even where to find the nearest barber shop. The business directory is conveniently arranged according to services and products. The added advantage of the website is that it has an embedded map powered by Google.

Businesses find that listing on local (city or county) websites a cost effective mode of advertising their businesses online particularly on location based websites. It is not only about providing information to local residents or those visiting Nassau County but also about opening new vistas for growth. For further information about what all is going on in Nassau County, log on to Nassau Directory Plus.

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