Sushi restaurants in Reykjavik embraced by Icelanders

Since the late fifties, Iceland has been well known for its seafood and fish restaurants, and is no stranger in embracing new cooking methods, such as sushi and sashimi with an abundance of restaurants in Iceland.

One of Iceland’s leading sushi restaurants is Domo, located in central Reykjavik. The restaurant has been crowned as “the kitchen without boundaries” for serving a vast selection of different Icelandic sushi and seafood every day.

Expectations are already high for Domo’s 2010 a la carte menu inspired by Asian/French cuisine, amongst its incredible selection of wines and whiskey to compliment your dinning experience.

The restaurant has been in demand amongst both food critics and locals ever since it opened its doors in 2006. Domo’s expertise and welcoming dinning environment lead to its ranking within online food magazine’s ‘Go List’ as one of the top European restaurants to dine during 2008.

To view more details about Domo’s pure Icelandic seafood and sushi visit

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