Reaction to a recent article in Over 65 Magazine, a new online magazine aimed at the silver surfer generation, suggests that older people may be struggling to cope with the effects of our rapidly changing society.

The article by freelance writer Martin Sayers examines how the rush towards a more digitised and ”efficient” society was having an effect on older people, but the scale of the reaction has taken Paul Rodman, the editor of Over 65 Magazine, by surprise.”We are a new magazine and have already attracted a strong readership but I was still amazed to find just how many people contacted us about the article”, explains Paul, “the general consensus was that older people are being left behind in this headlong rush to save money and streamline organisations; things like self-service only supermarkets and threats to the daily postal service are particularly worrying. Our readers are concerned that systems that have been in place for many years are just being abandoned without a thought. Not only that, but they want something done about it.”

”In a general election year I think that this is something all the major parties need to take into consideration ” the views of older people matter!”
To find put more, view the article now at www.over65magazine.co.uk
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