Marketers Demand Enterprise-Class Social Software as a Service

Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) is fast emerging as the preferred approach for ambitious marketers looking to create great digital experiences for their customers and enhanced revenues for their company.

Marketers are realizing some major benefits in moving from traditional software towards SaaS delivery, especially where customer expectations and new technologies are rapidly evolving in the digital channels. The ability to stay agile and move fast, avoiding complex internal IT processes, time consuming implementation processes, expensive capital expenditure and high risk enterprise investments has resulted in the demand for ”Social Software in the Cloud” growing significantly in recent years.Knexus, the leader in social software solutions, has enhanced its Enterprise Cloud Computing Strategy with the latest version 2.1 of K”nex-us, an integrated social media and rapid learning platform. K”nex-us v2.1 is a SaaS offering used by companies to build trusted relationships, create profitable conversations and drive monetization through enhanced engagement with key stakeholders. The platform benefits companies in terms of:

* Cost and time efficiency” K”nex-us requires zero investment in hardware and software, and it is quick to deploy

* Robust security ”K”nex-us is built from the ground up to be secure with regular security audits

* Flexibility ”K”nex-us offers unmatched flexibility plus optimum performance and multiple integration options, removing all the backend IT headaches

“Cloud computing is a massive technology trend and brings huge benefits to marketers in the social environment. We’re committed to delivering cloud-based social software solutions that meet the enterprise requirements of our customers”,said Graeme Foux, Knexus founder and CEO.

K’nex-us v2.1 is available globally for deployment. To find out more can contact us at +1 (646) 401 0147 (New York); +44 (0) 845 838 5316 (London).

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