Wadja launches unlimited group messaging and remote updates

Wadja.com, a unique social networking site that uses labels to create people-to-topic connections, has introduced an exciting new communications platform, which enables users to send unlimited group messages as well as allowing users to remotely update their online feeds.

Wadja labels enable users to create conversations around the topics they love to monitor and discuss. Communities grow around labeled topics with the largest following currently on the ”U2”label. Now, group messages and notifications can be sent and received remotely whether one is logged on to the site or not. Alex Christoforou, CEO of Wadja notes, ”We are really excited with the new messaging platform. It provides our users with some very key features. These include:

A)    The ability to send and receive updates on their mobile phones

B)    Unlimited group messaging

C)    The ability to update their feeds whether they are logged on to Wadja or not

That means that users can actually send and receive, through a simple email client, updates to other Wadja users, or their feeds. These three major advantages really change the way people can interact socially, integrating the web and free mobile communication!”

The upgraded messaging platform goes one step further and enables people to interact in real-time with other users from across the world, whether they are sitting in front of a laptop or using a mobile phone.

Wadja’s unique social and mobile integration is based on creating forums (labels) that aggregates social content, while reducing the ”noise” of real-time information. It provides all the advantages of online messaging, remote updates, notifications and SMS.

The value of labels is derived from enabling the creation of communities that come together through their common interests, hobbies and activities. Wadja creates personal, customized, label “tags” and opens up a whole new world of messaging.

Try it out for free at: www.wadja.com

Notes to editors

About Wadja

Wadja Media Limited develops services that make the message distribution process easier across multiple devices and platforms. Wadja Media is deeply committed to enhancing the social networking experience by providing mechanisms to deliver real time information across the web and remove the ”noise” associated with multiple streams of conversation (labels) by delivering focused social, keyword, semantic value to subscribers (label followers).

Wadja Media Limited owns and operates www.wadja.com, a unique messaging service based on shared topics of interest and activities. Use Wadja to label your thoughts and follow user generated ”labels” that focus on specific topics, hobbies or local (real-time) happenings. Wadja creates personal, customized, label “tags” and opens up a whole new world of messaging. Wadja helps you label content and conversations in real-time.

Label conversations can take place over the Web, Email and SMS, and the responses are shared between contacts, or privately with a friend.

For details on Wadja.com please see: http://www.wadja.com/about

For more information, please contact:

Maria Papathomopoulou

PR Manager

Tel: +30 210 7217 292

Email: maria.pr@wadja.com

Sender Name:                    Maria Papathomopoulou

Sender E-mail:                  maria.pr@wadja.com

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