Real-time research papers readership stats that shake up traditional scientific publishing

Helping the shift of scientific research into the 21st century world of collaboration, sharing and openness, Mendeley Research Networks ( lets scientists, researchers and university students publish and share their papers, work with peers around the globe and get feedback in real-time. Put simply, it is engendering a revolution in the way research is conducted and disseminated: Science 2.0.

One of the sharpest debates in science right now is centred on the future of academic publishing. Scientists and researchers are predicting the end of traditional models of research publication because they are not aligned with the digital world, in which speed, transparency and social ties are key requirements.UK-based start-up Mendeley is causing a real stir in academia and already has high-profile supporters because it is putting the emphasis on real-time data, collaboration and feedback.

Dr Werner Vogels, chief technology officer at Amazon, and a former research scientist at Cornell University, has said: ”I strongly believe that Mendeley can change the face of science.”

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