How to convert video files for portable video device for iPod

Sometimes you want to convert your video files for your iPod, cell phone etc, at this time the iPod Video Converter will be a great helper to you.

No need to know the technicalities of ipod video converters – just run the program, choose videos, select your preferred preset, and hit Convert! After a few of simple steps you can convert the files and start enjoying in your portable devices.Tool you need: Ukoo ipod MP4 Converter

Steps you need to follow to convert video files for your iPod use:

Step 1: Free download the iPod Video Converter and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Launch the Ukoo iPod MP4 Video Converter.

Step 3: choose the a few options on the top right before you start converting your favorite video files:

Output File Type: select the output format of the file from the dropdown box;

Conversion Quality: select the quality of the output file from the dropdown box; you may also choose more detailed information by clicking on the Advanced button.

Output folder: you can navigate to the target folder by clicking on the Folder button.

Step 4: Choose the file that you want to convert and start converting.

You can navigate to the video file that you want to convert using the Open Files button on the bottom right. Once you have chosen the files, some information will be displayed on the left-hand menu, including file name, file size, duration etc.

Note: Unregistered users can only open one file every time.

There are two ways by which you can decide which part of the video file you would like to convert: you can select the specific time by clicking into the Begin Time and End Time from the left-hand menu; or you can drag the progress bar of the video player on the top.

If you want to choose other files, simply do it by clicking the Remove Files/Clear All.

Finally, click on the Convert button, and few minutes later it will finish converter.

Note: You can only convert a half-minute segment of the file you select with a Trial Version. Now, your favorite part of video file has been converted to your target format and you can start enjoying it in your portal device now!

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