How to burn your files onto CD or DVD

Are you looking for some burner software easy to use? Ukoo Easy CD DVD Burner is here to help you. It can help you burn your files and folders onto CD or DVD discs quickly. The process could be more than simple.

Tool you need: Ukoo CD/DVD Burner. Free download here: Step by step how to burn your files and folders onto CD or DVD disks:Step 1: To start the burning process, you just choose files and folders to be added (burned) and press the BURN button. Then the program will burn them onto CD or DVD automatically. It’s easy as 1-2-3.

Step 2: Followings are some buttons you would often use:

1.    Click disc info to show disc information.

2.    Click new disc to clear all files you have added, and ready to burn a new disc.

3.    Click erase button to perform erasing the disk if it is a re-writable CD/DVD.

4.    If you want to backup your local disk by burning to a CD/DVD, press “disc copy” button to perform.

5.    Choose import previous session to import previous session.

Now you are able to make your favorite movies or music collection using Ukoo Easy CD DVD Burner!!

Note: The trial version can only burn 20M data.

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