Suppliers Crucial In Pioneering AIMC4 Project

The unique AIMC4 consortium, launched in November 2009 to research and deliver the volume production of pioneering new low carbon homes, has now reached one of the most significant stages of the project.

The consortium is searching for suppliers across all industries in the UK and abroad to source the very best innovations, technology and products that will be key to delivering its groundbreaking goal – homes that achieve energy Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes without reliance on renewable technologies.Richard Miller of the Technology Strategy Board said: ”The AIMC4 Consortium is delighted that so many companies have already made contact to see how they can be involved and we’re encouraging all suppliers, large and small to get in touch now to meet the AIMC4 team’s deadline of 5th March and take advantage of an excellent opportunity to work with leading developers.”

At this crucial stage, the consortium is focusing on finding the very best of technologies to help devise solutions for key areas of the build system, which are vital to ensure the final product meets the low carbon, low energy objectives. These core elements include the reduction of heat loss and uncontrolled air leakage, reducing the need for space heating and hot water.  The project also requires the team to develop ways to improve passive solar gain; progress the accuracy of controlling space heating, ventilation and /or heating; and increase the efficiency of artificial lighting. A vital component will be the usability of the products from the occupant’s point of view and their ease of maintenance.

One of the core aims is to meet sustainable housing requirements by focusing on the actual fabric of the building and building services rather than add-ons.  Therefore, the project will research and develop new design & build processes that will drive innovation in the existing supply chain and encourage the emergence of new suppliers.

In parallel this will accelerate the development of new materials, components and systems, creating a UK supply chain capable of delivering a cost-effective range of innovative products to support a ”fabric first”  approach from within the UK and abroad to drive cost efficiencies.

Suppliers who apply to be involved will be invited to an initial Sandpit day at the BRE in Watford on 29th March. This intensive workshop day will promote discussion and exchange of views to allow the consortium to select the most relevant suppliers to work with going forward.

Further information and PQQs are available online at

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